How to choose according to the decoration of Bamboo silk carpets

How to choose according to the decoration of Bamboo silk carpets?

Bamboo silk rugs are perfect for anyone looking for an eco-friendly, durable and highly versatile luxury rug.

These manufactured models have met with particular success in recent years, also thanks to the growing sensitivity towards sustainable interior design solutions, produced in an ethical way and with a low environmental impact.

In addition to meeting all these needs, a bamboo silk rug can furnish various types of interiors in a very elegant way. For example, both the interiors for which furniture with classic lines has been chosen and the rooms with contemporary furniture.

What do you need to know about bamboo silk rugs?

Bamboo silk carpets are made with a very thin and resistant yarn, which is obtained from the processing of cellulose, in turn obtained from bamboo canes. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to obtain viscose yarn, so much so that bamboo silk is sometimes referred to as a particular version of viscose itself.

The yarn obtained from bamboo canes has characteristics similar to those of silk obtained from silkworms: it has a natural sheen, is very soft and thin and has a very high degree of resistance. Unlike silk of animal origin, however, it is cheaper, thus allowing the creation of carpets made of 100% bamboo silk. Above all, the yarn obtained from bamboo is more sustainable, making this type of carpet the perfect solution for eco-conscious and environmentally friendly furnishing projects.

What are the must-have advantages of bamboo silk carpets?

Choosing bamboo silk carpets to furnish your home allows you to radically transform the appearance of the rooms. Indeed, halls, living rooms and bedrooms that are furnished with a bamboo silk carpet convey great elegance and a strong sense of warmth.

As well as having a luxurious look, bamboo silk also has important physical and chemical properties, making it safe to use around the home. It is in fact a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial yarn, also ideal in the presence of children and allergy sufferers.

Bamboo silk is one of the most versatile natural materials ever. Bamboo fibers absorb color easily and hold it very well. This allows you to create beautiful multi-color carpets, to be used to furnish all the rooms of the house.

The great variety of colors in which the fibers are available and the ease with which bamboo silk can be worked mean that it is possible to create carpet models of the most varied styles. Alongside the models with a contemporary design, we find carpets with decorations inspired by classic oriental artifacts, but also models with abstract designs and carpets with geometric and floral motifs.

It is possible to buy or have made-to-measure carpets made with a yarn composed of 100% bamboo silk fibers or with a mix of wool and bamboo silk. While the former solution is perfect for a decorative wall hanging rug, the latter is more common for floor rugs.

Generally, a percentage of bamboo wool is used around 30%: in this way, it is possible to take full advantage of the qualities of both wool and bamboo silk, obtaining a luxury carpet that is long-lasting, resistant and very elegant.

How to furnish rooms with bamboo silk carpets without making mistakes?

Despite being a resistant fiber, if you have chosen a carpet made with a high percentage of bamboo silk, it is preferable to use it in rooms of the house with little traffic, for example in the bedrooms. Wool and bamboo silk carpets, on the other hand, are also perfect in more frequented rooms such as the living room or salon.

However, to avoid damaging the surface of bamboo silk carpets and crushing the fibers of their pile, it is best not to place the pieces underneath heavy furniture, such as sideboards, tables or sofas.

If you are considering the idea of furnishing your home with bamboo silk carpets, you must also bear in mind that this material absorbs water and liquids very quickly and tends to get stained quite easily. Therefore, the driest rooms in the house and environments where there is less risk of spilling water, wine, coffee, etc. are to be preferred.

Since this type of silk has a natural glossy finish, articles made with this yarn are perfect for all those environments that need a touch of shine. In particular, if the goal is to brightly illuminate the room, it is advisable to choose a piece that has a light colored pile. On the other hand, if you want to have a room with an enveloping atmosphere, bamboo silk carpets in warm colors are the most suitable choice.